Fears and phobias can effect so many areas of our lives. They are often fears of objects, situations or places that can’t actually hurt us, and yet we continue to fear them as if they can. 


Hypnotherapy can work very well with phobias. It can challenge the belief at a subconscious level, helping your subconscious to see the logic around the fear, and to challenge the negative beliefs, replacing them with more realistic thoughts.



In this day and age, many of the things we enjoy involve travelling. Our families are spread across the country, maybe even in other countries. Great monuments and beautiful beaches are within a few hours of us and our jobs and hobbies and interests can take us to new and exciting places. So if travelling - by car, train or plane - scares you, you may not be getting all you can out of your life. Hypnotherapy can help you beat these fears so that you can start travelling - and living - without constraints. If you have a trip coming up, or have to travel somewhere in the future, please contact Handley Hypnotherapy for a free consultation. 

Public speaking/ceremonies/socialising Sometimes we come across situations in life that scare us, even if they would benefit us. Hypnotherapy can help get you over the obstacles you put in front of yourself, making any social situation easier and even enjoyable for you!

Almost any fear or phobia can be tackled with hypnotherapy, in just a few sessions.

However, if a fear of phobia is deeper, linked with other issues, then these other issues may need to be explored as well for a truly effective therapy.