Sometimes, things get on top of us. Life events can effect us on the day they occur, or ten years after, when we’d thought they’d been forgotten. We can feel anxious of carrying out day to day tasks, things that had never worried us before. And sometimes, we can experience a feeling of unease, without knowing why.


Counselling offers you a safe space in which to explore these feelings and thoughts, without being judged. It can act as a mirror, where you can see what is really happening for you, and explore difficult memories while within this safe place.


There are a number of issues that effect our lives which counselling can help with. From day to day living to life changing events, counselling can help you find your path out of the woods. It is a powerful, therapeutic tool and can help you find the life you want. It can help you find direction, to process past experiences, and cope with what experiences are on their way.


Counselling can help you to gain insight into yourself, to help you express yourself so you are heard by those around you. It can also improve your overall sense of well-being. For you, this might mean feeling happier or more content, more relaxed and at ease with yourself, or it might mean feeling more hopeful and optimistic about the future. Regardless of which issue you bring to a session, counselling has a knock on effect on the rest of our lives, and can even have positive effects on those around us.


Each client is different, with different issues, so each session is tailor made.

In the consultation we will discuss what is troubling you and what outcome you are aiming for. When you choose to continue I will build a group of sessions to best suit you.


I work in a person-centred way, which means that you as the client are the expert and will know what is best, the therapist is there to guide you through your feelings and find the answer that is best for you.


Along with this I may also use some CBT, and visual therapies. Hypnotherapy is also an option.


Contact me to discuss what therapy will best suit you.